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 Created Sep 24, 2011
 Deleted Mar 10, 2021

dr Meno

We are RADIO PACIFICO SUR de COSTA RICA and our web address is  Please go to this site to listen live.  We will be playing a range of great music from the Latino genre to many of the great Gringo classics.  We will also be presenting, "The Wolfman Jack Show" re-broadcasts.  
     In the evenings, Dr. Meno will be having a talk format dealing with the issues that affect our daily life's struggles.  These will include the economy, politics, corruption, and corporate take-over and transgressions. 
Free speech is no longer existent in the United States, and as result, we have relocated our radio program to Costa Rica. 
I hope you will click in and give us a  listen.  Most of all, contribute your opinions of the current worldly events.
Dr Meno, your host for the Fiscal Revolution,  and general manager of Radio Pacific Sur de Costa Rica.

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