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 Created Oct 16, 2011


What I love about Islam is that any practice that it teaches has hikma (wisdom) and such a clear purpose behind it and so many benefits. Today I was waiting outside a supermarket In Brooklyn, and this black kid walked pass me about 15 years old. He saw me dressed in Islamic clothing kind of like a tobe and he said.

"Yo it's your holiday right?".

I replied "na not yet but we are fasting for 30 days".

then he said "werd, that means ya can't eat right".

I said "Yup from sunrise to sunset". Then he said "yo how you be doing that?".

I told him "people die all the time around the world because they don't have food, and plus it makes us stronger".

Then he said "Yo i feel you man", "Waalaikumusalam". I was happy to hear him say that in his Brooklyn accent, which i also possess as you can see.

But anyhow what I wanted to say was that anytime a person questions what we are doing because we are Muslim, so many thoughts automatically...