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Created Dec 6, 2015
Deleted Jun 12, 2020

Vaporub Boy is a periodically prolific international freak who has struck gold with lightning twice without realizing it.

Vaporub Boy is feeding powerful anti-psychotics to pigeons through their water supply.

Vaporub Boy is rejecting the classically dogged out mirror-assisted lifestyle.

Vaporub Boy is watching your future self drink water straight from the twenty litre jug in the office where you work.

Vaporub Boy is a computer-bound socially uninterested post-nerd with a tight clutch on the tissue of reality.

Vaporub Boy is a long and intense stop motion graphic fight sequence with breakcore beatboxing as background music.

Vaporub Boy is eating a fresh and moist mayonnaise sandwich at 5 PM while watching Shaun the Sheep.

Vaporub Boy is a small YouTube channel whose obscurity and texture attract you, and its odd appeal warrants your subscription.

Vaporub Boy is the curious content you watch around 2 AM, along with...