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Ba'al Busters

What's a BA'AL BUSTER? WE Uncover, Identify, and Bust those whom serve Ba'al. Become a Ba'al Buster today, and subscribe. Let's build a strong Community of well-informed people. Treat this channel like a Survival Guide against the Silent Siege that is occurring worldwide. ALL ROADS LEAD to ROME... Literally and figuratively.
Watch this video first:
NYer living in the Southwestern desert. This is the Mission Intuition: Theory of Everything affiliate channel.
3 things you should know: The UN Charter is treated as the law of the land, not our Constitution, Vaccines are junk science that seeds the body with viral cancers, and other slow viruses, also impairs motor skills, cognitive function, and often causes paralysis, & Rockefeller is behind ALL Allopathic Medical practices conducted today. It's a business, not a service, and they need you...


Face Diaper Gestapo

Ba'al Busters

Published Jul 22, 2020


Lies WE Believe

Ba'al Busters

Published Jan 30, 2020