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 Created May 23, 2015

Markus Ross

This is a Christian Channel dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ. On this channel you will discover deep biblical truths that are not taught in fundamentalist Christianity. We investigate many historical secrets and reveal hidden truths in the Word of God, such as Noah's flood, true Black history, Satan is the Antichrist, the Satanic seedline, the first world age, Adam was not the first man of the human race, the mark of the beast, which reveals Satan's true name, etc. The bible connects all history, which includes both biblical and secular history. Without understanding the Word of God in depth, you will not truly understand life: why we are here and our purpose for being here. We expose lies that have crept into the doctrine and Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you don't know true biblical history, then your world is a mystery. On this channel you will also find my testimonials on God's Miracles. Please also check us out at