I made this channel because millions of people are suffering...">

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 Created Jun 16, 2008

Dr. David J. Clark, DC

New uploads on "Neuro-Metabolic Mondays" and "Thyroid Thursdays"

I made this channel because millions of people are suffering with chronic neurological and metabolic problems like autoimmune conditions, diabetes, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, and vertigo/dizziness/balance problems. These men, women and children need someone they can trust to keep up to date with current research and scientific findings...and make this complex information easy to understand and use.

You can expect videos covering these topics (among others):
• Hashimoto's and Low Thyroid
• Autoimmune conditions (like ANA antibodies, MS, Lupus)
• Autism
• Female Hormone Problems (infertility, PCOS etc)
• Vertigo, Meniere's Disease and other vestibular problems