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 Created Apr 25, 2020

Minnesota Black Robe Regiment

This channel was started to remind Minnesotans and all Americans, that we are to be a self-governing people with The Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.
During the days preceding the War for Independence, commonly referred to as the Revolutionary War, pastors of different persuasions used the Scriptures to instill in their congregations a sense of duty to throw off the tentacles of the oppressive Empire of the Tyrant King George, not only for their own liberty, but for the liberty and well-fare of their neighbors.
The years and months leading up to the delivery of the Declaration of Independence to King George and the Parliament of Great Britain were not easy on these pastors and those who listened to their counsel. The position of the "Rebels" was not popular and many of the Loyalist hated what the Rebels stood for, often turning them in for being treasonous.
I am not advocating for rebellion. I am advocating for a return to foundational principles of this...