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 Created Feb 26, 2016
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Salena Shakti Radford

╰ღ╮♥╭ღ╯Om Shanti Om╰ღ╮♥╭ღ╯

Born 20/02/65

Empath (directly feels the others emotions, not to be confused with compassion, which is to feel for rather than feel as)
Astral Traveller (takes flight and voyages within the astral plane of existence, also known as the etheric realm)
UFO Experiencer (witness to various types of craft on many occasions with some very close up and direct interactions)
Mystic (experiences the spiritual understanding of truths that are beyond the intellect)

Why I changed my forenames by deed poll (In January 2013, although i had been using these forenames for sometime before) to Ms Salena Shakti.

Salena is the Hindi derivation of the name of the Greek Moon goddess Selene and as such is a personification of Shakti, divine feminine creative power, the great divine mother, Shakti is also kundalini serpent energy that rises up through our chakras. Shakti is the cosmic agent of creation, change and...