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 Created Apr 15, 2018
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Brian Ruhe

On YouTube, Brian Ruhe is Canada’s foremost voice of compassion for the seven billion victims of the globalist elite.

His video guest, Mr. 32 wrote: Your YouTube show reminded me of The Truman Show. It is kind of like The TruRuheman Show. You are the character being broadcast before the world, except it is you who are broadcasting yourself, and you're not deceived, but your viewers are. The world is a massive Jewish Hollywood production and set funded by Rothschild money and Rabbis' venom, and it is you who are exposing it. (Where you broadcast from is the real reality; it is not a set.) In any event, you are the only 'true man' in a world of liars. They are acting and/or exploiting, but you are not! Your expressions, verbal and facial are genuine; the world, in contrast, dissembles. You have real love and compassion; they have the face of these, as a pretense for their malice (LOL).

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