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 Created Jan 1, 2010

UAP Research

With 31 years' of experience in video - and image forensics I examine cold cases. My research is thorough, my presentations are clear, straight forward and without fancy editing. I am an analyst, not an editor. Don't waste my time and watch the entire presentation before you start asking questions. You are a guest, so follow the rules of conduct which means no insults, no accusation of fraud / exploitation, no anti Bob Lazar comments-, stay on topic, no disrespectful-, no offensive-, abusive-, derogatory-, Anti-Semitic-, Neo Nazi-, dumb-, or moronic remarks, no pushing of music/films/(audio)(e)books, no personal– or promotional activities, no fake prophets, no doomsday prophecies, no politics and never ask me to join monetization programs as this channel is and will always be 100% non profit!. Please stay away if you do not like my research! Be aware that I eat debunkers for breakfast! You can only contact me via: (Put your Youtube name in the...


Nellis UFO Teaser Video

UAP Research

Published May 29, 2021


Image Analysis Team

UAP Research

Published May 25, 2021


Reversed burden of proof

UAP Research

Published Feb 19, 2021


Important Announcement

UAP Research

Published Dec 27, 2020