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 Created Aug 21, 2014

Tatzhit Mihailovich

Mission Statement as of 2/9/15 (revised due to removing tin foil hat):

"The current conflict in the Ukraine is largely the fault of the Obama government, greedy idiots within Ukraine,
as well as short-sighted policies of EU and Russian government. It benefits the US military-industrial complex
and extremists within Ukraine, and hurts the common people in Ukraine, Russia, EU, and US".

We do not work for any government or big organization, but in the interest of common people in former Ukraine,
and the rest of the world.

We always need volunteers to help inform people of Ukraine, US, and EU; if you want to help us end civilian deaths - you can.
Making both sides see the truth of what's going on is necessary to make dialogue possible.

We don't need money (send it Doktor Liza or a similar aid group), but we are terribly short staffed. No skills needed, we have
plenty of pressing projects that require no specialist...