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 Created Apr 30, 2019

The Former Leftist

At age 19, my leftist indoctrination began. My “teacher”, a self loathing, white guilt ridden atheist fresh out of college. After graduating college, I’d expect one to burst into the new world full of life, ready and prepared for the challenges to come. My “teacher” did not, in fact, quite the contrary. He was indoctrinated and radicalized into what we see becoming more and more common amongst college graduates today, a leftist cult minion. As someone young, but still smart enough to know that my government and politicians within it were very corrupt, it was fairly easy to be misguided down a path that would lead me to the most miserable years of my life. Depressed, suicidal, drug addict, self loathing, godless, white guilt ridden and ashamed to be American. I hated my country, I hated white people, I hated you, & I hated myself. In 2017, everything changed.
Podcast coming soon! I’ll be breaking down political news and topics from a very unique perspective not heard...