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 Created Jun 1, 2009


Sweden used to be a democracy, a good and safe nation with low crime and high standard in most fields.

Sweden has changed, (remember what "change" really means in politics.)

There is no free speech in Sweden as it used to be, and the establihed politicians are changing Sweden to a multi cultural nation full of crime and social problems.

The leading media are using censorship in order to avoid reporting about the consequences of mass immigration.

The population in Sweden is 9 million including 2 million immigrants in first and second generation and 600 000 muslims.

According to a report from the European Union rape are more common in Sweden than in any other European country. About 85 % of the rapes are commited by immigrants in first and second generation.

The Swedish media never talks about the problems that mass immigration have caused the nation and the political opposition are often denied acces to media or opens debates about...