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 Created May 19, 2006

Truth Seeker777

This channel has changed Direction. I am a Born Again Christian.
To those wondering what happened to all the Previous videos. I deleted them, because I realized that I was posting New Age doctrine. Simply put, I want nothing to do with the occult. Those of you practicing it would do well to heed this warning: Turn away from the New Age Movement. It is extremely Dangerous and it can cost you your soul. While it may seem harmless with "love and light" it is in fact not. If you wish to know Love, follow God's laws, the Golden Rule, which is the ten commandments a guide on how to love.
YAHSHUA is the way.

Spoiler: When you meditate and search for the light "within" the light is actually Lucifer. The so called "Age of enlightenment is nothing more than a lie, a trap that leads to the void (Daath).

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