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 Created Apr 23, 2015
 Deleted Nov 23, 2020

Wolves And Sheeple

This channel covers everything that is interesting important to me. The topics I cover are: Politics, Conspiracy Theories, News, Society, Big Tech, and much more. I also cover theological and religious topics.I enjoy reporting and entertaining in order to help educate the world I do not label myself politically but if I were to identify with any party I would be closest to a Libertarian. I believe that every human being should be treated equal no matter what color, sex, orientation, religion etc, they were born as. I believe in freedom and liberty for all. Humanity is at a crossroads. The New World Order and the dark powers that rule society are at the verge of total victory with the enslavement of humanity the end goal. This moment in history can be stopped if enough people wake up and take the red pill. Humankind will forever be changed if we do not work together to educate the world and use the power of love and intellect to overcome the darkness of the control grid.