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 Created Feb 29, 2008

Unborn Human Rights

If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy consider that your child growing inside of you needs you to be there for them and to protect them. I realize how much stress you might be in and possibly scared about what your life will be like now. But a child is a gift and he or she is your gift. This child is yours for a reason and you can trust that. No matter what circumstances that you are facing right now, you got this! You are a strong women and you are capable of anything! When you look into your child's eyes you will know that this is the person you have always been waiting for. If there is a good reason why you can't keep your baby please choose adoption so your child can be a blessing in someone else's life too.

Abortion = A Dead Baby!

It will never equate to anything else.

Abortion turns mothers into murderers and doctors into assassins.

Women deserve better than abortion!

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