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THERUNDOWNLIVE is an Alternative News & Talk Radio website, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Founded by Mike Paczesny, in April 2013. Mike is dedicated to the anti-war effort, exposing 9/11 truth and government corruption, along with promoting anarchist philosophy, non aggression principle, cop watching, consciousness, communication, and how to get involved in the community. He has been featured in, Guardian, Infowars, Adam vs The Man, and many other platforms, Mike is also the host, webmaster, and editor for

Kristan Harris joined the operation in the infancy of the broadcast, episode #34, as a former libertarian-leaning member of the Republican Party. Harris is a researcher of politics, secret societies, ancient history, esoteric books, conspiracies, government cronyism and giant human skeletons around the United States. Kristan was the co-host and lead writer. His work can now be found...