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 Created Nov 15, 2017

Lanterns of Tawheed

We begin in the name of Allâh, we praise Him, and we ask him to bless this work.

This page has been created to preserve, spread, and share the works and Da'wâh of the lanterns of Tawhīd and defenders of our religion that are being silenced by the oppressive Tawaghīt of our era.

Bi’idhnillah we will start by posting brief biographies of the main 'Ulemā we will be featuring on our page (on our Instagram) and then begin posting their works and content.

Along with the works of modern day scholars we will also be posting various other beneficial content In Sha Allâh.

We request that you follow us, share our page by giving us a shoutout, suscribe, and spread the Da'wah In Sha Allâh. May Our Lord reward you all and accept this small effort to spread his Dīn. May He allow us to continue to propagate Islâm, although the disbelievers detest it.