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 Created Jul 26, 2009


Kafir = Good person

I am a proud kafir (non-Muslim). I love and support all kafirs around the world.

Islamic Sharia law is discriminatory, cruel and barbaric. Particularly towards women, children and non-Muslims. There is no place in the 21st century for Sharia law, full stop.

If you believe in freedom for all and freedom of speech, then share my channel with others. Read my channel comments (discussion tab above).

If a Person says "Islam is a religion of peace" I say "tell me another joke."

I strongly recommend these great websites (below), to learn more about evil Muhammad and his evil Islam. Yes I did use the word evil.

Evil: 1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked: an evil tyrant. 2. Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful.