Created Jan 17, 2009

the titanic killed anti-central bankers
the holocaust covered up the forced deportation of Jews the newly formed state of israel
the moon landing ended the space race
ww1 was a conspiracy to acquire Palestinian land, takeover russia, and smokescreen the founding of the controversial federal reserve
9/11 was a coup within the power structure and attack the enemies of israel
Lincoln was assassinated because he was continuing the pursuit of the founders to abolish slavery AND deport the slaves to Liberia (look up American Colonization Soc) out of concern for race relations
obama is a conspiracy to look like a conspiracy perpetuated by muslims
The Monica Lewinsky scandal was a smokescreen occurring because the people of Belgium were about to overthrow their government which was covering up a pedophile ring (watch monster of belgium)
Michael Hastings (among many other events at the time) was killed with satellite-lasers.
etc etc etc et ceta fucking...