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 Created Dec 30, 2014

God Fearing Patriot

Trying to get out videos not being seen by the world. Facts that are being ignored by journalists in our media who are no longer journalists they are activist!!! Its time to wake up to see everything beyond our media. We are screwed if we continue to listen to them. They push fear, divide, lies, propaganda, and they refuse to report on facts of what's been going on for years. They attack anybody and everybody with different views than their's. I know people who's lives are ruined and destroyed because of it and its a damn disgrace!!! Time to be patriots that stand up against tyranny, draconian dictators and propagandists. Our country is being destroyed by Marxist, socialist, and communists. We can not continue to allow this stuff to continue!! Follow me down the path to destroy their narratives and seek whats truly going on behind the scenes!!! I love our country, our freedom, our constitution, and our God πŸ™Œ but we have got to take it all back RIGHT NOW!!!!