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PERSONAL OPINION ONLY CHANNEL. Truth can hurt a man much more than a lie.The BAR which all lawyers/Atorneys/Judges are members of is the "British Accredited Registry" who are - Foreign Agents.Anything that is legal/illegal is fraud as it is only rules of the BAR. Lawful/Unlawful are the law which is Common Law which all Western Countries are until they were infiltrated by the BAR and its agents...BAR filth & criminal county, municipal, and state actors & crooked judges, IT IS OVER... traitor cops who act to serve & protect, only serve & protect the banksters & the criminal BAR Association. We are against police brutality which people now days seem to think is the norm. And turn OFF the TV.... ITS MIND CONTROL... Especially those that glorify criminal cops shows, bashing in doors & airport so called protecting you when the criminal govt is shipping in the drugs via the back door, etc, the enemy is, bankster zionists who own them, the media &...


Covid time to wake them up


Published Aug 2, 2020


A Chat with Wayne Glew PART 2


Published Jul 27, 2020