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 Created Jan 19, 2015

Climate of Freedom with Lord Monckton

“The sky is falling!” So went the fairy-tale cry of Chicken Little—but today’s green fearmongers stride forth as a relentless real-life Environmental and Political Colossus.

Indeed, Global Warming alarmists tell us that mankind is responsible for catastrophic climate change and that we must bow to a worldwide agreement for stopping the collapse before time runs out on saving our planet. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth showed us how the ice would melt, the seas would rise, and our earth would be destroyed. The deception accelerates with like-minded advocates filling the internet and air waves with warming nonsense. Academics fill college students’ minds with mush. Leaving no one safe, today’s visionary manipulators indoctrinate our school children into Climate Change hysteria at all-school assemblies (

The relentless mantra rings out through the world! Warming has made the oceans...