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 Created Aug 11, 2008


Sociobiology or is it evolutionary psychology? What ever it is, it's a method of enabling us to examine group strategies: their origin, their history, their efficacy -- our own group strategy, and others. Who are we? We are Goyim: the other, the non-Jew, from a Jewish perspective, an orthodox Jewish viewpoint, especially. Professor Kevin MacDonald has done heroic, brave work in dispassionately examining the Jewish evolutionary group strategy. Culture of Critique is a good place to start if you haven't read MacDonald. MacDonald does inadvertently what Julian Jaynes should have done (shoulda woulda coulda) in his promised second book, the Consequences of Consciousness. In fact, we really didn't achieve consciousness; we're at a stage of preconsciousness where the big trick of dominance and control is based largely on exploiting the vestigial bicameral mind (as per Jaynes). Jaynes, you recall, noted that no other theory of consciousness could account for hypnosis.