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 Created Mar 9, 2009

Megan Fox

Story Time Digital Media is your place for educational and informational videos featuring Megan Fox, freelance reporter, author and columnist at PJ Media and Kevin DuJan (gay, Catholic, conservative, Republican pundit and satirist). Mrs. Fox is an advocate for children and families and government transparency and reports on issues and matters important to her. Mr. DuJan is an outspoken critic of the "gay community" and its Alinsky tactics that are used to push the Left's political agenda and malign Christians. Here on YouTube, they post video news reels about events they attend and investigations they conduct around Chicago. Don't forget to look for them on Facebook to find out what they're working on next!


Detroit Suburb Bans Pride Flag!

Megan Fox

Published Jun 15, 2023


White House Pride Disaster!

Megan Fox

Published Jun 15, 2023