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 Created Mar 25, 2007


I am a British Patriot. Born in England to Scottish parents of Ulster/Irish descent.

I am a loyalist/unionist. I am also Catholic but have Protestant relatives.

I hate sectarianism. Personally, I wish that both tims and bluenoses would unite to fight for the survival of the traditions and ways of life that we DO share as white people. Infighting among whites - whether British, Irish or European - will kill us all. However there are too many hardliners on all sides making that impossible.

I am a National Socialist. I am anti-Zionist and Anti-Islamist. I also believe that WW2 was a mistake and that Churchill was a Zionist traitor who destroyed Britain and her empire in the process of destroying Germany and carving it up amongst the NWO, and helped create the beast that is Israel - Who practices apartheid with the Palestinians whilst forbidding Europeans to do the same, and incidentally controls America and therefore the west. They also have leeched billions...