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 Created Nov 17, 2006


Channel of a Child of God like yourself on the path to discovering Divine Truth while exploring the realms of Astral Projection, Alchemy, Breatharianism, Current World Solutions, Dimensions, Divine Love, Emotions, Epigenetics, Energy Perpetuation, Forgiveness, Free Energy, Fruitarianism, Gods Laws, Global Freedom, Holistic Living, Hydroponics, I AM, Jesus and Mary's Teachings, Kindness, Liquidarian, Love, Meditation, Metaphysics, Now, Oneness, Open Source, Orgone, Prana, Prayer, Qi, Raw Veganism, Repentance, Solar/Soul Gazing, Sovereignty, Spirituality, Sustainability, Transmutation, Truth, Universe, Veganism, Vibration, Venus Project, Worlds, Xenoverse, Yoga, Zen, Zombies (Mindless Sheeple Eating Animal Corpses whom I'm trying to wake up by feeding them plants; It's Plants Vs. Zombies literally lol)