Created Aug 27, 2015

I shit where you eat.


Q: What is your avatar from?
A: He’s Shiroe of Log Horizon in front of a shot from Kämpfer. Similar-looking fellas include (((Stein))), Tomoe, and Braz from Soul Eater, Sailor Moon, and Blood Lad respectively.

Q: Filthy weeb.
A: Make Animation Great Again.

Q: What do you use to edit your videos?
A: Sony Vegas 13.

Q: Are you a racist/sexist/misogynist/MRA/Nazi/anti-Gemite/troll?
A: E;R is only E;R.

Q: What does "E;R" stand for, anyway?
A: I’d rather it be left enigmatic; reality is never as satisfying.

Q: When’s -insert video release-?
A: When I finish it. Sorry to say I’ve no consistent schedule. This is only something I do in my free time.

Q: Do you hate everything?
A: I would, but the channel name was already taken.