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 Created May 26, 2017

Howard George Stirrup

1. The bigbang theory misleads people to feel infinitely small and insignificantly "lost in space".
2. The theory of evolution is a materialistic delusion, that makes mankind feel as gods and reduces the sense of responsibility & liability.
3. The globe model causes us to dismiss our senses and prevents us from exploring our physical reality and understanding our true nature.
4. Space exploration embezzles over 100 million of worldwide taxes per day, that could help end poverty, research illnesses and aid effects of natural disasters.
5. Geoengineering might have side effects on human life and surely we could reduce emissions first by abolishing all patents on renewable energy technologies.
6. "Anti-Vaxxer" is a trigger word that provokes people who have been negatively primed to ignore and/or fight any inquiry, like why certain ingredients that are only beneficial to the industry, are not removed/improved (Sodium Chloride, Aluminium phosphate, MSG, Human...