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 Created Dec 2, 2006

Ian Corzine

I am "Your Social Media Lawyer." What does that mean? I represent YOU, the content creator, in brand deals and disputes with social media platforms. My journey as a social media lawyer started about 4 years ago, after a 20-year-long litigation career as a federal prosecutor and business lawyer. My then 13-year-old daughter introduced me to the dynamic and exciting world of YouTube, Instagram & TikTok. I was hooked. But I also saw the darker side -- how creators, who had built up 1,000,000’s of subscribers from their bedrooms and were making $100,000’s per month were also unsophisticated in the world of business and intellectual property. They were being taken advantage of by shady businessmen, and worse, their own government’s regulations. I felt a duty to use the skills I had gained during my years as an attorney to help them. I started a YouTube channel, offering educational and current events commentary, and now make my living as a Creator and “Your Social Media Lawyer.”