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Created Dec 17, 2011

Sabra and Sultan are in fact names of the main characters of a Tunisian Folktale that I have adapted to English, and published on Amazon 'Sabra and The Lion', that you may view as the original and the oldest Beauty and the Beast version!
Sabra and The Lion - Sabra et le Lion: Folktale from Tunisia. Bilingual book: English - French

In 'Ayoun Essid', an isolated village in the Kingdom of Tunisia where locals communicate mainly through proverbs, lived Sabra, an ambitious and idealist girl.
After a divorce, she flees her village and the malicious gossip to live with a lion with mysteriously humane eyes.
Together in the forest, they found the utmost happiness and enjoyment; a semi-human, semi- animal life. Sabra tried to satisfy Sultan's inner longing to be a Man! But honestly, she was also satisfying her own old desire for The Perfect Happiness. Was she wise to try to 'Convert' Sultan into Humanity? Hasn't she escaped 'The World of Men?'