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 Created Jun 17, 2020

Known Heretic

Amy E. Sousa, MA Depth Psychology

20 years theater educator/Education Director, graduate studies in phenomenology/depth psychology, post graduate studies in somatic trainings, ecopsychology, imaginal pracitces, depth psychology. Left doctoral work as an ABD. Engaged Embodiment Expert: Embodiment, Boundaries, Somatic Development. Using Theater & Depth Psychology for intuition, imagination, inner authority building.

This is a channel associated with my twitter account @KnownHeretic. The purpose of this channel will to be to critique the hierarchy of culturally prescribed gender roles onto sex bodies and onto the neutral language we use to describe sex bodies.

Sex: the material, physical, developmental path towards small mobile/or large immobile gametes, that comes with functions and sensations.

Gender: the cultural codes of stereotypical behavior that are associated and projected onto male or female sex bodies.