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Published on Aug 28, 2020

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other?
Grooming begins after a mother cat gives birth to her kittens, and she will continue to groom her kittens until they eventually learn to groom themselves.

This behavior will then be learned by the kittens as they grow up, and they’ll start doing it with other cats.

It is the mother cat that usually grooms other cats, however, male cats also express this behavior. This mutual or cooperative grooming among cats occurs mostly between related cats or those who get along well.

cats grooming
If cats groom each other, it means that they enjoy being in each other’s company. On the other hand, this also means that you won’t see cats groom other cats that they don’t know or like.

Cats usually groom each other on the neck and head areas. This might explain why most cats like being scratch in these areas. Cats are also cooperative while being groomed, and they will often rotate their bodies or tilt their necks.

Aside from social bonding and connection, cats also groom each other simply to clean themselves. Think of it as their way of taking a bath. A mother cat will also lick her kittens to control their temperature and help them stay relaxed.

Some people believe that grooming is a way for cats to redirect their aggression. There are times when showing aggression may not be convenient for a cat, so instead of exerting energy to fight, a cat would just groom another cat. This allows a cat to show dominance without having to risk getting injured in a fight.

Grooming among cats follows a particular hierarchy. It’s often the higher ranking cats that groom the lower-ranking ones and rarely the other way around. Similarly, it’s mostly adult cats that groom younger cats and kittens.

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