How To Have Power In Your Life! A Freedomain Radio Mailbag


Stefan Molyneux


Published on Apr 11, 2014

0:17 - Do you expect a gradual change into anarchism going through libertarianism or do you think a revolution would take us from statism to anarchism? Would you vote for Rand Paul?

2:04 - What is Stefan's view on tickling?

2:58 - I like the idea of the non-aggression principle but there is one thing I don't understand fully. If there is a genocide or tyrannical government oppressing its people somewhere in the world, what do you do about this? From my understanding of the non-aggression principle, you don't do anything about it and just let those people die. For example Nazi Germany's holocaust. Wouldn't you need some type of minimal government to rid the evils of the world?

6:52 - In a free society, wouldn't there be a lot of corruption in the court system? It seems like businesses or rich individuals can bribe the judge (or whoever runs the court) very easily because the court runs off of profit. I realize there is corruption in our statist/government courts now but doesn't this reduce corruption because it is not based on profit?

10:35 - If a man murders his boss and is proved guilty of this charge, what happens to him? You obviously can't through him in jail because that would be the initiation of force so what do you do with him?

12:55 - I know that gun control does not work but what is the down side to restricting mentally insane people of their right to bear arms? I realize that they could just get the guns on the black market but doesn't denying them the right to bear arms at least help a little bit? It might stop mass shootings in the future.

18:39 - You say corporations would not exist if it wasn't for the government but how so?

18:47 - Do you have any videos comparing anarchists who say they are socialist to anarchists who are capitalists. I came across many articles and books by socialists that claim they are the real anarchists and capitalism and anarchism don't go together.

23:38 - I was wondering if you could discuss veiled attacks. I used to have problems with people around me using a kind of phrasing that has implied attacks in them. It may be better explained by examples. "If you really love me, you wouldn't go bowling." This implies that seeing as I am about to go out the door to go bowling, I don't love you. It is presupposed in the phrasing of the sentence. Or taking it into almost thought crime land: "If you really loved me, you wouldn't want to go bowling." "Even a toddler can understand that you don't play with matches." Imagine this said to a 40 year old. The implication is that a toddler understands this, but he/she doesn't. "Even you should be able to figure out this problem." So apparently something unspecified about being you means you can't figure out this problem. It is usually easier to hear the attack when the person saying it is putting emphasis on words like "really" in "If you really loved me", or "Even" in the others. It's kind of a denigration but without saying it overtly.

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