Dr Rashid Buttar Censored Next News Network Interview


Educating Liberals


Published on Apr 19, 2020

PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS!!!! I know this video is a little bit long, but I wouldn't share this if it wasn't extremely important. Please set aside 48 minutes to give this man your full attention & hear what he has to say. May God bless & protect Dr. Rashid Buttar for his courage & bravery to call out the EVIL so many of us are witnessing yet staying silent about.... Evil prospers when good men stay silent. And also a big thank you to Gary from The Next News Network https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLoNQH9RCndfUGOb2f7E1Ew for conducting this INCREDIBLE interview! Please subscribe to his channel & share this video with your friends!!!!

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