Alex Jones Exposed | CIA FBI jones knew what was coming and is capitalizing on it | Civil War


Matthew North


Published on Dec 20, 2016

Notice how he goes along with the black helicopter guy in the beginning with out verifying anything. He goes on like its the absolute truth Cooper would of verified it before he allowed the guy to go on. Before Alex Jones sold fear to make millions and become a household name, William “Bill” Milton Cooper, an author and radio host made a decent living while exposing many falsehoods in his works. One of Bill Cooper’s works “Behold a pale horse” is well known within the critical thinking community. Also on Bill Cooper’s legacy is the prediction of 9/11 on June 28th 2001 as well as his very suspicious death on November 5th 2001 for evading taxes. Within those works, Bill Cooper crossed path’s with future InfoWars founder Alex Jones and on 1998 gave Alex an interview that lead to Bill Cooper later exposing Alex Jones to be a New World Order SHILL. No matter what you think of Jones personally, you do have to question how a reporter can have all this dangerous information with little to no threat of imprisonment nor death despite exposing a tyrannical shadow government while Bill Cooper predicts attacks on American soil that became known as 9/11 and is murdered at the hands of the IRS and US Marshals for taxes.