Radio 3Fourteen - Mike Seibert - Asset Forfeiture, Endangered Rights & Judicial Tyranny


Red Ice TV


Published on Feb 23, 2013

Michael Seibert, an attorney of 22 years has represented people such as Rich Hayward, who had taken the "Good Ol' Boys Roundup" video that exposed extreme racial prejudice in ATF, Franklin Saunders aka; the money changer and Linda Thompson, the attorney who produced the video entitled Waco: The Big Lie and America Under Siege. Mike ran for federal judge twice and has appeared on many national radio and TV shows. He joins us to discuss the most draconian law in America, civil asset forfeiture and sanctioned theft of property by the state. We'll discuss judicial tyranny and the systematic destruction of jury nullification. Mike talks about how the legal system is chipping away at the US constitution and endangering people's rights. He talks about the difficulties as an attorney resisting tyranny within the Dept. of Justice. Then, we discuss the polarization of America and how patriots have become the new threat. We'll also cover gun control and Obama asking top brass if they'd fire on Americans. Later, Seibert explains why Islam has become the preferred religion of the elite. Henrik Palmgren co-hosts this interview with Lana.

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