Portland is Chaotic Yet Again | Wake Up America!

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Published on Dec 8, 2020

Well Portland got off to an early start when police moved on the Red House on the Hill that was plagued the neighborhood with over 80 calls for service in the past 90 days. When police pushed in they seized several firearms and arrested a total of 15 people. Then "peaceful protesters" pushed the police back, by attacking the officers and barricading the neighborhood, declaring the area an autonomous zone. Oh, and did I mention JarridHubTV got some paint in the face? Yeah, it's been a real party. Today is ourBack the Blue Tuesday, where we donate everything made tonight to a police charity. Tonight we will be raising money for the Rhode Island Kids, Cops & Chrismas who are raising funds for Kids, Cops & Christmas through the Rhode Island State Police Museum Foundation to distribute to community organizations for gift giving this year. The direct link is below.