The Truth About Color Revolutions


Published on Dec 13, 2020

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There comes a point where we have to realize that Walter Cronkite is dead and he's not coming back.

The great thing about the invention of the modem is that it led to the decentralization of news media to the absolute Nth degree.

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Not only did the news media business expand from the Big Three of CBS ABC and NBC up to CNN and CNBC and Fox and the cable news explosion of the 1980s, but now, anyone with a camera and a laptop by definition becomes a Walter Cronkite.
It's this dynamic, this relationship, between events that happened in the real world and the way they are filtered and manipulated by the media before getting consumed by you. Remember, the word media is Latin for “in-between,” of the middle.

Color revolutions are so-called because groups of aggrieved peoples gather together under a banner that is typically identified by a color....

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Universi Dominici Gregis, Apostolic Constitution by St. Pope John Paul II, the supreme law of the Church regarding the rules that govern conclaves (1996, still in force. See esp nos 79-81):

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