NOAH'S ARK FOUND in 2010 on Mount Ararat?




Published on Apr 29, 2010

NOTE: OCT. 2, 2015: The audio track you hear on this video is NOT the original track that accompanied this important video from April, 2010 to September, 2015. That beautiful piece of music was removed by You Tube due to a BOGUS copyright claim by some hack musician by the name of "Sema J the Poet" who used the same haunting classical music track that I used on this video as the bed for his horrible song titled "Sincerely Abbey". The album from this hack musician known as "Sema J" was released in **2013**. My video was released in 2010! You do the math. It's math that You Tube is apparently incapable of doing.

A group of explorers from Hong Kong and Turkey believe they've made a discovery of Biblical proportions. The group say they have found the remnants of Noah's Ark, resting at 13,000 feet atop Mount Ararat. Previous ARK expeditions in decades past have also found evidence that suggested Noah's Ark may have come to rest on Ararat. However, until now, video evidence has been scant. Radio carbon dating, the researchers say, indicates this find is 4,800 years old. If true, THIS is the most significant historical discovery in human history. It will be very telling to see how this story plays out in the main stream media.