This is why Waleed Aly is an absolute disgrace

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Avi Yemini


Published on Aug 5, 2020

The Project last night opened with the horrific Beirut blast that has so far killed over 135 people and injured thousands, its decimated the city.

Waleed Aly began by swiping at Trump for calling it an attack.

The only problem is Trump never said that he said it looked like an attack, which it did.

A few minutes later, Waleed put the question to their guest, not a politician, security or geopolitical expert––a photographer.

Their photographer guest blamed Israel.

When Trump said it looked like an attack, he was wrong, but when a photographer claims it was an attack and more specifically by Israel, that's okay. No need to question the Jew-hating narrative.

That is Waleed and The Project for you.


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