Jared Taylor: "Why They Lie"


American Renaissance


Published on May 27, 2016

Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, speaks at the organization's 2016 conference about the lies that whites tell each other about race. He discusses the police cover-ups in Cologne, Germany, and across Britain, where police hid the truth about immigrant sex assaults. He describes how scientists openly express their willingness to suppress the truth about race differences in intelligence and points out that "the whole Black Lives Matter movement is a pack of lies." This does not, however, stop white academics from writing about how police “hunt down and target blacks” as part of a “race war.”

Mr. Taylor reminds the audience of great battles their ancestors fought for their survival: Marathon, Poitiers, Vienna, the siege of Malta, Blood River. “You have the blood of heroes in your veins,” he says. “You know your duty. And I know you will do it.”


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