The Josh Bernstein Show


Published on Aug 10, 2016

#HillarysHealth #HillaryParkinsons #Hillary2020 SNOPES IS WRONG and COVERING UP HILLARY'S ILLNESSES. It has now been revealed from a former employee of Dr. Lisa Bardack that Hillary Clinton is suffering from dementia as revealed on her March 20th 2015 doctor's visit. This should immediately disqualify her from running for President.

NOTE: There is a screen shot of the medical report in this video for proof. This is a VERY EXTENSIVE IN DEPTH REPORT on Hillary's health. Followed by the FBI raid into Hillary for America, Trump's economic speech, and an interview with NY Times best selling author Ken Timmerman who was a former war correspondent and an expert on Middle East terrorism. #SickHillary #BackBraceHillary #DyingHillary #HillaryClinton #HillaryForPrison