The Truth About DeAndre Harris


Hunter Wallace


Published on Sep 1, 2017

Shaun King and the mainstream media have presented DeAndre Harris as the victim of a brutal beating by "white supremacists" in the Market Street parking garage in Charlottesville. In reality, DeAndre Harris and his friends had stolen and burned a Confederate flag earlier in the day. After Gov. Terry McAuliffe's "state of emergency" was declared, they followed and menaced a group of peaceful protesters returning to their vehicles from Lee Park. They screamed "do something, nigga" and "appreciate the bat."

Corey Long, the man seen earlier attacking #UniteTheRight protesters with an improvised flamethrower, attempted to steal another Confederate flag and spun a man around. DeAndre Harris attacked his victim and connected with his mag lite. The black male in the pink shirt swung at another #UniteTheRight protester with a stick who then released pepper spray. Two black males can be seen attacking and clubbing another #UniteTheRight protester in the parking garage who is knocked unconscious.

These four assaults set off the melee in the Charlottesville parking garage. Shortly thereafter, the man with the Confederate flag and another peaceful protester were attacked by Antifa and clubbed again outside the parking garage. The Charlottesville police witness the incident and stand around and do nothing.

DeAndre Harris lied to the public and exploited white guilt to raise $166,000 through GoFundMe. He has presented himself to the media as a victim on the basis of highly misleading, edited footage. The media has refused to report the whole truth to the public which contradicts their false narrative about Charlottesville.

DeAndre Harris and Corey Long remain at large in Charlottesville while Christopher Cantwell was denied bail for defending himself with pepper spray. Richard Preston has been denied bail for firing a warning shot at the ground to deter Corey Long from burning #UniteTheRight protesters. Daniel Borden and Alex Michael Ramos have been arrested for coming to the aid of a comrade who had been knocked unconscious by friends of DeAndre Harris.

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