“Coup D'état” - Sway Guevara


Sway Guevara


Published on Sep 14, 2020

Feel like it’s a Coup attempt
Excuse my French a coup d'état
You need to go and Name the nose
So we know exactly who they are
Silent weapons
For silent wars
and carnivores
Delta force a army force
Sun tzu this the art of war

Hassan E Sabbah
Like it’s Mossad
Waging war by deception
Israel Shamir
E Michael Jones
Dugin with avigor Eskin

Chabad Lubevich.......
with the $100’s they smuggling
Tevfic arif........
...Or Alexander

One eye open like
Menachim begin
Making a statement
USS Liberty 9/11
Just like when the planes hit

I was a nice dude
Now I’m Naming the cube
Like I’m ice cube
Naming the yamaka
But I’m yelling out happy hannaukah

Stephen Pieczenik
Henry Kissinger
with the weapon connections
I’m like a professor
But I must profess
I should do better

Unit 8200
You see how I’m coming
GRU’s Russian

Debating is over
End of discussion

gotta be kidding me
really be
Silly with syllables
on Synarchy
killing me

Chaos theory
symbolized replicated in the
shape of infinity
So witty I literally
non linearly
get at me

enemies of an enemy
is still not a friend to me