Why Is The Mainstream Media Demonizing The Militia? "We The People" Are the Militia!


The Sons of Liberty


Published on Oct 14, 2020

“I ask, who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers.” –George Mason, Address to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 4, 1788

Isn’t interesting today as to how Americans have allowed their own mainstream media to advocate for groups that promote hate and subversive anti-American government sentiments toward themselves (Psalm 7:15)?

The American militia is demonized by the MSM while the likes of BLM, Antifa (All modern-day paid protesting brown shirts) are rioting, looting and murdering on the streets. Yet, this is promoted, and if it were not so, then why is there so much attention given to these organizations aiding them into the position of somehow being the victims all the while perpetuating the crimes? It’s because it works for a new system of authoritarian government (Isaiah 28:18).

Out with the old form of government and in with the new dictatorship. In other words, create enough chaos and the ignorant people abroad will cry out to the corrupt government for more control where they will be happy to oblige. There’s nothing new here (Ecclesiastes 1:9). As a matter of fact, if the government would enforce the laws that are found within, we would not have these insurrectionists out on the streets committing the crimes the way that they are today.


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