The Cost of Ignoring Racial Differences (Professor Templer Full Speech)




Published on Jan 11, 2022

Professor Donald Templer (1938-2016) at the 2004 Amren Conference.
Time Stamps:
2:15 Dr. Templer opening
3:00 Templer's specific study in psychology
4:17 Templer asks his parents about what the difference races were like
4:50 Going into black neighborhoods
8:40 Racial differences are based on genetics
9:50 The difference between test scores of blacks and asians
10:13 Whites and Asians score higher on neurological tests on brain size, aptitude tests, and intelligence tests
13:00 The present problems with blacks have nothing to do with slavery, segregation or lynching
13:55 The real issues of blacks
17:00 People should be selected for ability not because of race
19:30 The proper way to evaluate test results is NOT hiding the facts
21:00 Modern psychologists like to push their own personal agenda on their clients and blame isms like sexism and racism for their problems
23:46 The effects of poor intelligence
24:44 Can black crime be reduced with education and money?
26:15 Suggestion for reducing crime lol
27:20 Talking about American slavery is pointless
28:25 Predicting criminality starts with the genetics
30:10 The murder rate of Sub Saharan Africa (highest in the world)
32:00 The blacks attitude of entitlement
33:20 Blacks are seldom seen doing physical outdoor labor
35:17 Less intellectually gifted children should be taught with the other less intellectually gifted
35:48 White guilt
39:50 Why do people love silencing the truth
43:30 Some blacks may be uncomfortable with being unqualified
44:20 Blacks are poorly advised to go to college even when they don't deserve it
45:00 Asians have the highest test scores even though many come from poor families
46:00 Asians do not blame their past and are also suffering from affirmative action
47:30 We are being taught to feel guilty
49:55 Sometimes its best to not tell the truth but we still must do it because the evidence is obvious
51:45 How other races rate black intelligence
55:00 Suppressing of black and white crime
55:55 Q&A Begins

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