Systemic | The Causes of Things Ep. 20


budd studdard


Published on Jul 2, 2020

Whenever you hear phrases such as "systemic injustice" or "systemic racism" try to stop, pause, and consider what is being suggested by the person weaponizing these terms.

What is being forwarded by revolutionary politicians and pastors is the idea that the "old" systems that govern our society such as our justice system, our law enforcement systems, our economic systems are full of privileges, power, and prejudices that are meant to create inequality. Of course, those that seek to replace our "old" systems have "new" systems that are actually quite old: Marxian inspired systems of equity and discrimination.

Sovereign Nations founder Michael O'Fallon explores this problematic issue and offers a suggestion to defend our current systems on today's episode of The Causes of Things.

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