Can Sinn Féin Solve Ireland’s Housing Crisis?


Gearóid Murphy


Published on Feb 23, 2020

I make the case that even with the best of efforts from Sinn Féin, demand will continue to outstrip supply deepening the housing crisis even further. I then look at the Irish "deep state" vs Populism and where Sinn Féin fit into that.

Two points I forgot to add - Just recently Irish intelligence services have been tying Sinn Féin to Boogeyman issues (army council etc) which is deeply suspicious. Also something a Nationalist friend mentioned that I think is relevant - Putting ideology and policy aside, Sinn Féin if nothing else will have the effect of breaking up nepotism within the civil service. For all their faults, they are not just FFG with different colour ties. They *are* different people.

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