My contempt for the Russians




Published on May 10, 2015

Putin is a Jew on his mother side (, yet some folks in our so-called "Movement" ( I say that, because we hardly can call what we have a Movement, because it is too unorganized and infiltrated by Feds) still consider him some sort of "White Messiah"; as if they expect Putin to liberate the White race from the global enslavement of the World Jewry "shakes head".
How blind and naive they are.
I once was foolish enough to think that the Russians ( I now speak of White-Russians, as opposed to none-White Russians, such as Asiatic-Russians or any other racially mixed Russians not of pure White blood) may have changed since WWII; that perhaps they have grown spiritually since then, that they have evolved and developed feelings, emotions, the ability to feel remorse and to know mercy.
But after I watched Hellstorm, I was reminded what a fool I have been to be so naive to think that.
It shames me to know that I had considered these thoughts on the Russians; that they could have changed, when they have not (in my personal opinion).
Of course there are exceptions, but I believe that the vast majority of Russians are cold-hearted.

When you look at WWII (Hellstorm for example) and what the Russians did, the atrocities they can't just believe that this was only due to the brainwashing efforts of the Bolshevik Jews before, during and after the Communist Revolution in 1917.
And these endless atrocities (the inhumane brutality, the murders, the rapes) were not just committed by none-White Russians, like the Mongolized Russians you see in the footage, they were also committed by White-Russians.
The Russian people seem in nature a unforgiving people, unable to feel compassion.
Once again, not all Russians, but the majority I do believe so.
I do not claim to be an expert on the Russian people and their history, for I am not.
But as a German whose country fought WWII honorably and in nobility-of-spirit and deed, and to see the inhumane brutality unleashed against my Ancestors (not just soldiers, but the Civilian population), I can only feel contempt for the Russians.
It is true, the Americans, English as well as the French, most certainly fought WWII without any sense of honor and unleashed their own wave of unreasonable brutality upon Germany.
But it is far outweighed by the inhumane brutality committed by the Russians.
And only carrying out orders (even if based on fear of being killed or imprisoned) is not an excuse.
The allied Soldiers knew what they were doing when they bombed Germany into Oblivion, when they were murdering prisoners-of-war, murdering and/or raping civilians, and murdering animals.
They still had a choice, and if that choice meant refusing to carry out such orders and be killed by their officers or being arrested and tried for treason, then that would have been the honorable thing to do.
I would first let me myself get shot, then to carry out orders to exterminate a civilian population by carpet bombing, murdering prisoners-of-war or raping women/children etc...
I could go on about this, but I think I have said enough.

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